INR Diary tracks your oral anticoagulation therapy

  • Configure a repeating dose scheme
  • Get reminded of your daily dose at a specified time
  • Visualise your INR level over time
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Be reminded to take your anticoagulation medicine!

All anticoagulents

Whether you're using Warfarin, Marcoumar, Sintrom, ...

INR graph

Review the fluctuation of your INR level over time.

Export your data

Make a backup for yourself or to keep your therapist posted.

Story behind the app

In September 2014, my 30-year-old wife received a mechanical cardiac valve because hers was wearing out. She needed to start taking blood thinner medication daily, at a fixed time. The dose often varied from day to day, which made it difficult to track. Sometimes she doubted whether she had taken the anticoagulent. It even occurred that she'd forget to take it, which can of course be very dangerous.

In the meantime, I was looking for an interesting case for my first Android app. With my wife as a guinea pig, a first version was created. INR Diary was born!

Today, INR Diary is the best rated INR management app for Android. It is available in 6 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch. INR Diary has been downloaded over 1000 times in over 30 countries throughout the world.

Peter Mesotten


Sandra Ramaekers

QA / Support

What do people think?

INR Diary really helps me out while managing my medication.

Thodo Sinaga Indonesia

Great app! Clear, easy to use, possibility to individually configure a daily dose, ... Has everything a Marcumar patient needs. Many thanks to the developer, great work! Makes the life of a Marcumar patient a lot easier...

Sebastian H. Germany

Nice app. Easy to manage.

Anneke Ten Kate The Netherlands

This app really contains everything you would expect. Nice that you can configure an INR range. Well done!

Erik Venema The Netherlands

INR Diary is very well structured and easy to use.

Ghislain Van Hullebusch Belgium

Perfect balance between features and complexity, does precisely what it should.

Hans Nygaard Denmark

Exactly what I need as a blood thinner patient. Real value for money. Thank you for this app!

Peter K Germany

The first INR app that has it all. INR Diary is easy to use with no bloated functionalities.

Mathias Richter Germany

Very good app, easy and understandable. Nice notification sound.

Petra Welcker Germany

INR Diary is very user friendly. Great to see that the app is translated into German. Fair price.

Meinolf Hepp Germany

I've switched to this app after having used a competitor INR app for years. The ability to add doses in bulk is a great help.

Ola Thoresen Norway

The best app you can get for following up your INR. Thank you for the many updates.

Antonio Martino Italy

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